About Ticks

Ticks are arachnids, and related to spiders, mites and scorpions. There are many different species of tick in Europe. The one most likely to bite humans is Ixodes ricinus, the Castor Bean Tick, Deer Tick, Sheep Tick, or "Sciortan" in Irish. Despite its name, it will feed from a wide variety of mammals and birds.

Why Are There More Ticks?

  1. Afforestation (planting trees)
    1. Afforestation increases tick habitat area
    2. Afforestation drives up deer numbers
    3. Increasing deer population drives up tick numbers
  2. Climate
    1. Rainfall improved tick habitats
    2. Higher temperatures increases tick activity and reproductive period
  3. Land Disuse (set aside, etc.)
    1. Land disuse increases tick habitat area
    2. Land disuse creates more habitat for small mammal and avian hosts
    3. Increasing numbers of mammal and avian hosts drives up tick numbers