Rescheduled (26 Sept 2020): GP Training Course - A GP’s Role in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Tick Borne Infections

TRAINING RESCHEDULED: Now on 26th September 2020 - new details are now available.

If you are a GP, this FREE course is being run by the 2 GPs responsible for the UK's Royal College of GPs Lyme Disease Toolkit and our lead trustee, Prof. John (Jack) Lambert.  Being held in Dublin, it is accessible from both Ireland and the UK.

If you are a patient, please tell your GP about it and encourage them to attend.


  • Introduction on tick borne infections
  • Diagnosing and managing Lyme disease in Primary care
  • The importance of history, physical examination and diagnostic tests in tick-borne infections
  • Patient experience
  • A GP’s personal experience of Lyme disease
  • Case studies and discussion